The Best Print Samples We Received in 2017 and Why We Like Them

Do you ever receive direct mail or printed pieces that you just have to keep? For whatever reason, they just catch your attention, and you tuck them away for safekeeping. It’s something that I do a lot. However, I realize my perspective might be a little skewed since I work at a print and marketing company.

So for those of you who might not pay as close attention to the print pieces you’re getting, I thought we’d point out a few of the best print samples we received in 2017 from some of our valued partners. While there were many samples to choose from these are some of our favorites.

USPS Irresistible Mail Book


When you think about the USPS, great marketing campaigns probably aren’t top of mind. But that’s because you may not be aware of their Irresistible Mail campaign. The campaign which began in 2014 offers stunning examples of the latest printing techniques and innovative ways to connect print to digital. From augmented and virtual reality applications to NFC tags, QR codes, and video in print brochures the campaign—which includes an interactive website and portfolio style book—is a fantastic resource for marketers and designers who are looking to wow their audience.

Our favorite piece in this year’s book is “Your Next Adventure Awaits” which offers a virtual reality camping experience. The branded VR viewer is delivered flat within a custom envelope along with an exciting twist fold insert that provides instructions for downloading the virtual reality app. Through the viewer, you see a narrative of a camping story embedded with product information and points of purchase. Talk about getting consumers to engage with your products!!

International Paper’s Heavyweights by George Packaging Samples


According to the report The Future of Packaging Design, the industry will reach 1 trillion dollars by 2026. We continue to see growth in this area among our clients, and we love helping them create prototypes, sales packages and more. That’s why we were excited to share the packaging samples we received earlier this year from International Paper which include creative die cuts, foil stamping, and blind embossing.

This line of colorful cover weight papers is perfect for any packaging design project, but our favorite part is the carrying case with its interactive pop-up handle. It would be a great way to deliver product samples, holiday gifts (thinking snacks or candy inside the boxes!), and more.

Interested in using any of these packaging samples? Contact us for the dielines so you can hit the ground running.

PINE 10th Annual Awards Gala Invitation


Every year, Shawmut is fortunate to be honored alongside other printers throughout New England at the annual PINE awards gala. Last year marked the 10th anniversary, and we were impressed by the special invitation we received in the mail. The format was a simple folded card, but they included an interesting die cut with a show-through reflective metallic stock underneath. It was just the right amount of “bling” to highlight the gala’s 10th anniversary, along with a new venue and format. Way to go PINE!

Neenah Wide Format Sample Book


When it comes to wide format printing, the substrates options are virtually endless, and now they even include paper! We were impressed by Neenah’s new line of wide format paper-based substrates which offer unique applications along with the environmental benefits of printing on paper. Our favorites include the Blox-lite chrome paper and the Classic Crest epic black. The sample book is filled with other fantastic samples but we thought these two really stood out and would help capture attention for point-of-purchase displays, window signage, posters and more.

Mohawk’s Field Guide to Envelopes


An envelope can make or break your mail piece. It’s what decides whether your message gets opened and read or whether it gets tossed in the recycling bin. That’s why it is critical to invest in your envelope Mohawk’s envelope guide is a fantastic piece that shows designers how using the right envelope can take your next direct mail piece from good to great.

In addition to samples, the book provides critical education around the use of color, texture, and shape. Through third-party research, Mohawk shows us how envelopes can influence and engage our audience on an emotional level.

Sappi’s Holiday Wrapping Paper Promotion


The paper community is always spinning up great creative work, and we’re lucky to have access to some of the best suppliers in the business. Sappi’s 2017 holiday wrapping promotion is simply beautiful, and it’s something our designers look forward to receiving every year.

The theme for 2017 was “delight” and the package which includes wrapping paper, gift tags, notecards and envelopes did just that. This elegant package is printed on McCoy Silk Cover with gold foil and spot varnish effects along with a soft touch aqueous coating. It's definitely one of our favorites for the year.

Thank you to all of our vendors and partners who continue to send us great mail pieces, sample books and more. They are a huge source of inspiration for our designers and clients and we look forward to getting more next year!

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Michelle Cardin leads Shawmut’s creative team in developing print, direct mail, and digital marketing campaigns. Some of our work includes projects for Dell EMC, Boston College, athenahealth, Insulet, and OBP Medical. She is an experienced marketer and copywriter who enjoys helping clients solve communication challenges and create successful marketing campaigns.

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