6 Ways to Make Your Creative Process More Efficient

The creative process is often as unique as the creator. The process you go through to craft an engaging story or design a brochure is likely all your own. No matter how you get from concept to completion, one thing is true of every creative process: It’s time consuming.

And yet, internal and external clients always want their advertising materials ASAP. To keep up with demand, graphic designers, copywriters and other creative professionals must pick up efficiencies wherever they can.


“You have to train yourself to be sharp, fast and think of the client’s audience first,” Todd Mitchell, owner of Mitchell Creative Group says. “Clients want materials that wow their customers, and they want them quickly.”

Fanny Dines, graphic design supervisor for Boston Museum of Science, agrees. “My inbox is full and my team is always busy, but we have an obligation to create materials that will engage our visitors on a regular basis.”

Whether you’re working solo or with a creative team, Mitchell and Dines, two of Shawmut's clients, offer these six tips to gain efficiencies throughout your creative process:

  1. Delegate assignments
    If you have a team of creators like Dines, who has three in-house designers and four freelancers, understanding each person’s strengths is crucial. “I try to be selective with assignments; making sure the right person is on the job.”
  2. Use your creative license
    Clients trust your creative gut; so don’t waste time doubting yourself, Mitchell says. “Clients want you to pioneer new solutions. If you don’t, the client’s company risks falling behind.”
  3. Create a collaborative environment
    Dines says she never wants anyone on her team to feel as though they have to create something alone. “We’re a team. We can help each other move through the process if we all work together.”
  4. Use job management software
    Stay organized with task management software, Dines suggests. “It’s too hard to keep track of every project and where it is in the process, so using software that allows you to see where different pieces are is imperative.”
  5. Brainstorm ideas
    Dines says team brainstorming plays a big role in producing quality content on a deadline. “We talk through each phase of a project, especially in the initial conception phase. It gets things on the right track from the start.”
  6. Work with trusted vendors
    Clients trust you to deliver quality materials on time, so if you need outside help with something like printing, for example, you need a trusted company in your corner. “I trust Shawmut Communications Group with all my printing needs,” Mitchell says. “No matter what the project, they find innovative ways to help me exceed client expectations.”

By using these six tips, you can improve your creative process. You’ll be able to put valuable time back into your schedule while juggling multiple projects.

This article first appeared in Tactics Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 1.

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