6 Tips to Rebrand in 2023

Your brand is everything. 

A brand defines how customers see your company. It’s an image that’s built by every interaction a customer has with your company and its products. And that image is important. Seventy-seven percent of marketers say branding is critical to growth, according to Circle Research.

But, sometimes a brand needs a refresh, or even, a reboot. If you’re thinking of rebranding your company in 2023, we have some tips to make your brand-overhaul a success.

We talked with two companies, both Shawmut customers, that went through a rebrand to gather insights and advice on the process. 

Why companies rebrand

If you’re preparing for a rebrand, the first question to ask is, “Why?”

“Companies rebrand for many reasons, but oftentimes a rebrand is sparked by the evolution of a company,” Kelly Ottaviano, Marketing Manager at obp said. “A rebrand realigns a company’s public perception with its current purpose and mission.”

That’s what happened at obp. The company matured during its ten-year history, shifting from medical devices marketed predominately for physician office procedures to lighted medical devices used across all different markets, uses, and medical facilities. As a result, it was time to reposition the company.  

“Our shift in products represented a natural time for us to rebrand,” Ottaviano said.

An evolved product strategy also sparked a rebranding for A.T. Cross, a manufacturer of fine writing instruments, timepieces, and personal accessories. 

A rebrand gives a company the opportunity to “breathe new life into the company and the way it’s perceived by the public,” Alison Morey, Senior Trade Marketing Manager at A.T. Cross and Shawmut Communications Group customer said. 

Product changes is a common reason for rebranding, but there are other reasons to brand, which include the ability to:

  • Reach a new demographic
  • Repair a reputation
  • Reposition a product or expand a product line
  • Reclaim a brand identity
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Update a look

Knowing the reason to rebrand is the first step in the process. 

Tips to rebrand effectively

Big brands often have teams of people to work through a rebranding, but it’s still possible to do even with a one or two person marketing department. Here are a few tips to rebrand in 2019:

1. Ask why

Know why you want to rebrand. If there isn’t a good reason, don’t do it. It’s not something you should force, Ottaviano said.

2. Define your company's current mission

Your company has likely evolved, so take time to examine what your company’s mission is, what products you offer, and which customers you want to target.

3. Plan for a long runway

Rebranding is a big undertaking, Ottaviano said. In her case, there were just two people working on the rebrand, and it was a much bigger process than originally thought. To succeed, you need to create and execute a plan, and that takes time.

4. Put customers first

All of your rebranding efforts should focus on the customer experience, Morey said. What do you want customers to learn from your rebranding efforts? How does it benefit them?

5. Collect customer feedback

Before launching a rebrand, ask customers what they think, Morey said. Too often, marketing teams assume their rebrand is on-point, but customers disagree. You may need to make changes to keep customers onboard.

6. Educate consumers

A rebrand without customer education is like giving a teenager a car without explaining how to drive. Customers need instruction to get the full value out of the company's rebrand.

For many brands, rebranding education is done through print marketing. Print is the vehicle to announce a rebrand as it validates and legitimizes the changes in a tangible way. If you're ready to rebrand, Shawmut can help.

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