Shawmut Communications Group Moves to a New Location

Shawmut Communications Group, a premier, sustainable print facility outside of Boston, has officially moved.

What all started in a residential basement in 1951 has now grown into a fully-sustainable, 50,000 square-foot print facility with 175 pieces of equipment to serve a national client base. The transition into a new business park in Peabody, marks the company’s third move. The company went from a family basement to a warehouse space in Chelsea, which served as the print facility’s home for 35 years. In 2005, the company moved to an even bigger location in Danvers, and, as of June 14, 2021, Shawmut moved into its forever home in Peabody; a facility that’s 10x larger than its first commercial home in Chelsea.

“Our family-owned business has seen a lot of changes,” Shawmut Communications Group President Mike Peluso said. “However, physical space isn’t the only thing that has grown. Equipment, staff, and services have all grown as well.”

Shawmut has grown from its humble beginnings with one Heidelberg Letterpress and two employees to a print shop with 175 pieces of print machinery, 62 employees, and eight different services ranging from direct mail to packaging.

While the company has evolved, and recently relocated, the same family-owned values remain. 

“When my grandfather started the company 70 years ago he was committed to customer satisfaction. That’s how he built a name for the company,” Peluso said. “And even though the company looks a lot different than it did back then, our commitment to our customers has not changed.”

Customers can now find Shawmut Communications Group inside Centennial Park at 310 Jubilee Drive in Peabody, MA. Stay tuned for more information about an upcoming open house.

About Shawmut Communications Group

At Shawmut Communications Group, our mission is to help companies effectively communicate and distribute their message through print. Our family-run, SGP-certified print facility offers a variety of print marketing services that help clients set and surpass marketing goals. 

Picture of Lisa McEwen

Lisa McEwen

As Shawmut's Marketing Coordinator, Lisa McEwen helps educate clients about the possibilities of print.

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