Print Services Just Got Better: Shawmut Communications Group Acquires Royco Direct

Two family-owned businesses have joined forces. Shawmut Communications Group, a leader in the print marketing industry, has acquired Royco Direct, a direct mail company with a strong commitment to its customers. 

As of late last year, Royco Direct employees joined Shawmut, including the company’s leadership team; all three of which are brothers. 

“It was time for our direct mail business to take a different path,” Former President of Royco Direct Gary Ghika said. “We’re really excited to be part of the Shawmut family and we all see great opportunities ahead as we merge our capabilities.”

Two companies, similar beginnings

Royco Direct had humble beginnings, much like Shawmut. Royco was started by Ghika’s father, Roy Ghika, who spent two decades in the direct mail business before striking out on his own. His first company started in a garage, but eventually grew to include a new office space and new employees - Ghika’s three sons.  

Shawmut has a similar story. Back in 1951, Ted Peluso, started printing a sports calendar in his basement. Now, the company is celebrating its 70th anniversary; an accomplishment steered by  four generations of the Peluso family. 

“Both Shawmut and Royco have similar roots and a similar commitment to customer excellence,” Shawmut President Michael Peluso said. “We’re confident that this move will only elevate our services and customer care.”

Royco leadership team settles into new roles

As the Royco team moved into Shawmut’s headquarters, each transitioned to a new role. Senior Account Executive Gary Ghika is looking forward to “a new, challenging position,” while his brother, Shawmut’s new Director of Data and Mailing Services Bob Ghika, is excited “to combine everyone’s knowledge to create amazing outcomes for clients.”

Tom Ghika, who’s now the Director of Mailing Operations, is focusing on “navigating the high speed day-to-day deadlines that a larger print facility like Shawmut handles.”

What the acquisition means to customers

As the two companies become one, customers can expect:

  • An elevated experience that continues to put your needs first
  • Access to more print marketing experts who will execute your project efficiently 
  • The same great access to an SGP-certified printer with services that include: Creative services, print and fulfillment, packaging, direct mail, MailPlus, events and trade shows, web to print, and promotional products. 

Customers will only see benefits, Peluso said. “The addition of the Royco team will strengthen our foundation, services, and commitment to customer success.”


About Shawmut Communication Group

At Shawmut Communications Group, our mission is to help companies effectively communicate and distribute their message through print. Our family-run, SGP-certified print facility offers a variety of print marketing services that help clients set and surpass marketing goals. 

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