Sending #PrintLove to our Community

Life as we know it has changed. The Coronavirus has upended our healthcare system, shuttered businesses, and isolated people away from loved ones. 

For Ken, a 90-year-old Boston resident now living in an assisted living facility, being away from his son, Bob, was difficult. Like other senior homes, visitors were banned in an effort to keep residents safe. 

The staff tried to help Ken use a cellphone to FaceTime his son, but the generation gap widened with every lesson. Ken wanted to connect with his family, but the very isolation that was meant to keep him safe was also hurting him. 

Like many of us, Bob was frustrated. “I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends, but like a thief in the night, the virus took that joy away. It isn’t just me who's been robbed, it’s all of us.”

At that moment, Bob, who works at Shawmut, a commercial print company, came up with a magical idea. Why not use our print capabilities to connect with family members? Why not help make a difference in someone's life by showing them that above all, and beyond everything, they are loved.

Make someone's day. Send some #PrintLove.

The Shawmut team got to work with the intent to bring every person, no matter what their age or occupation, a sense of togetherness and hope. The idea took on new life and became known as #PrintLove. 

“Connecting with people during difficult times makes the trials more bearable.”  -John Townsend

#PrintLove gives people a way to send personalized postcards to loved ones in isolation, brave front line employees, heroic health-care workers, or anyone that could use some joy. 

After all, there’s nothing like opening your mailbox and seeing something that’s addressed just to you and can be reread later on, continuing the feeling of being loved and appreciated.

So who needs #PrintLove? Everyone! To participate, here’s what to do:

  1. Go to Shawmut’s #PrintLove portal
  2. Choose from three postcard templates 
  3. Add a personal message for your recipient
  4. Enter recipient's address, pay and send your #PrintLove!

Each postcard costs $2.50, which includes customization, printing and mailing. All proceeds from this campaign will be donated to The Greater Boston Food Bank to support our neighbors with the ever-increasing need for food in our communities.

#PrintLove Postcards

Now, even though they’re still apart, Bob and Ken can stay connected with #PrintLove. And you can do the same. The virus may have isolated all of us, but by sending a little #PrintLove we no longer have to feel alone. 

All #PrintLove postcards are printed on Astrolite PC 100 Velvet, made from 100% post-consumer waste fiber, provided by Monadnock Paper Mills

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Kristin Spanier

Kristin is Shawmut's Sustainable Green Printing Program Director and Committee Chairperson. Kristin coordinates worldwide partnerships that establish Shawmut as a preferred sustainable print vendor. These purposeful partnerships align with her intention to partner with brands that are socially responsible and sustainable. Find Kristin on Twitter @kristin_spanier and at

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