3 Reasons to Brand Your Workplace Using Wall Graphics

Take a look around your office. What do you see? Does the environment reflect your brand and company values? Does it make visitors feel welcome and provide a sense of engagement for employees? Or is it a sea of beige? If it’s the latter, it might be time to spruce up your space and brand your workplace with wall graphics.

Wall graphics are a great way to leverage your physical environment to strengthen your brand. Along with other environmental branding efforts, wall graphics can create a memorable experience for employees, visitors, and customers.

Here are 3 reasons to consider adding wall graphics to your marketing plan.

Make a Great First Impression with Wall Graphics in the Lobby

Think about an in-person visit to your office like a visit to your company’s homepage. You want each visitor to walk away with a good understanding of your company—before they engage with a sales person. Does your lobby help you achieve this goal?

While most organizations have some lobby signage or a logo displayed, they often miss opportunities to use the physical lobby space to differentiate their brand. Since this is the first space a visitor will see, choose unique visuals that illustrate your products and services. Or prominently highlight your organization’s value proposition so visitors can immediately see the benefit of working with you.

To create a lobby display that goes beyond your logo, try layering multiple substrates and visual elements. For example, you can use PhotoTex™ (a repositionable material used to create custom wallpaper) to show large visuals and background graphics that appear behind your logo. These can also be paired with electronic signage and display units to provide opportunities for additional messaging if your space is limited.

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Reinforce your External Brand Message

Hanging generic artwork or stock photography in your office will not help further your brand. In fact, it can create a disconnect between your internal and external messaging. Consider your physical space to be another marketing channel and ensure that it is aligned with your external messaging and brand.

According to a CoreNet/Steelcase research article, only 50% of survey respondents felt that their office design was brand consistent. This leaves a lot of room for improvement and opportunities to use wall graphics to help articulate brand messages. For example, if you often use testimonials or case studies in your marketing consider putting the real words (and photos if you have them) of your customers on the wall. Or if you are in a non-profit business create a larger than life infographic to show visitors how your organization makes an impact.

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Engage Employees

Arguably the most important audience for workplace branding and office decor are employees. Every company wants their employees to be engaged and committed to the cause and what better way to reinforce that than to create an environment where they see the brand all around them?

Many companies have created mission or value walls. In Shawmut’s case, we wanted to highlight the company’s history and pride in our family owned and operated culture.

This type of content not only provides a common understanding among employees but it serves as a consistent visual reminder of why they do the work that they do. It can help reinforce that employees are an integral part of the company and instill a sense of pride and accountability for their work—creating a positive impact on morale and your company’s bottom line.

These are just a few of the ways wall graphics and other environmental branding strategies can enhance your business. From the graphics on the walls to the furniture you choose, everything in your physical office space can make a statement about your brand. They can tell your story, highlight past success, and instill pride throughout your workforce so use your physical space wisely.

Ready to spruce up your space? Contact us to learn more about custom wall graphics and other ways to differentiate your office space.

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